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krishnan asked 7 months ago

My dad is 65 years old
He suffers from numbness swelling nd pricking of both feet. He is diabetic nd his glucose levelis better now

Can you please suggest some treatment for relieving


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Dr. Nihal E Kathodika answered 7 months ago

Dear Krishnan,

Long-standing Diabetes will affect the nerves, especially in the hands and legs. The condition is known as diabetic neuropathy.

The pain and numbness happen when the outer layer of the nerves are getting damaged, this can be managed effectively by Ayurvedic medicines. Further damage of the nerves can be prevented by the following steps.

– Keep the blood sugar under control
– keep the leg elevated in case of swelling or redness
– Gently massage the foot and sole multiple times a day
– Keep the feet warm and dry

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