Eating Bananas with Milk? Time to stop now !


We all love banana shakes and smoothies, don’t we?

The combination of fruits and milk is the exciting blend to cool down on a hot summer day. Who doesn’t like to have a banana milkshake as a refreshing mid-meal drink? While it tastes amazing, but banana and milk might not go well when mixed together.

Yes, you read that correct. Both banana and milk are excellent for health, but a blend of banana and milk may pose different health risks.

What does Ayurveda Say?

As long as Ayurveda is concerned, every food has its own Rasa(taste), (vipaka) post-digestive effect and virya (heating or cooling energy). Therefore, an individual’s agni or gastric fire determines how well or poorly the food is digested, and right food combinations are of great importance. Ayurveda strictly puts milk and banana in the list of the most incompatible foods.

Bottom Line:

According to our doctors, banana and milk do not go well together and is difficult to digest. Milk and banana have their own properties that benefit our health; however, mixing both may eliminate those goodness causing illnesses in our body.

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