Today’s modern lifestyle and irregular food habits have resulted in accumulation of toxins in the blood that, in turn, cause many diseases.

From being a carrier of nutrients to strengthening the immune system, blood is responsible for every happening in the human body. It acts as a trigger for several pathophysiological conditions especially in the skin, and it must remain free of toxins. Other benefits of toxic-free blood are acne-free skin, reduced cholesterol level, nutrients reaching every part of the body, and so on.

Kidney and liver are the organs responsible for blood purification. Taking care of these organs in a proper way will help one stay fit and healthy.

Read below to know more these natural blood purifiers:


Surprised? One of the simplest blood purifying agents, water helps in flushing out toxins and improves organ functioning. It also aids the flow of minerals and vitamins and removes toxins through urine. However, the intake of water differs from person to person.

But there is a common misconception, that a person should have eight glasses of water a day. It is so not the case, click here to know more


A spice that has been well-documented in Ayurvedic texts, turmeric comes with a host of benefits. Curcumin present in turmeric fights internal organ inflammation and many other problems. It also generates red blood cells and fills the body with essential nutrients.

How to take: Mix a teaspoon of turmeric with warm milk and have it five times a week for optimal liver function.


A vegetable that is synonymous with blood level count. Beetroot is also natural blood as it is filled with betalains and nitrates. Being a potential Antioxidant, it prevents oxidative damage to the liver. It is also a great source of fiber, folate, and host of other nutrients required for a healthy body.

How to take: Include beetroot in your daily diet at least thrice a week.


A natural sweetener and a common ingredient of every Indian home, Jaggery is fortified with iron. It aids in the restoration and enhancement of hemoglobin. It supports in cleansing the digestive tract by preventing constipation. Moreover, it is also known to remove the clotted body from the blood.

How to take: Jaggery can be substituted for sugar when consuming beverages and foods.


From being part of almost every Indian cuisine, garlic is well- known for its flavor enhancement. But, many are unaware that garlic is a blood purifier. Filled with Sulphur, this condiment helps us get rid of toxins. It is also an anti-inflammatory that functions as a cholesterol and blood pressure regulator. It is the main source for increasing your Good cholesterol (HDL) in blood. Garlic is also a blood thinner and clears the arteries in the heart.

How to take: Add 4 or 5 garlic pods to a 100ml of milk and boil for 10 mins in medium flame and consume it before going to bed.


A fruit that not only quenches your thirst but also purifies your blood. Lemon detoxifies the blood by releasing toxins from the digestive tract. It also aids in breaking down the fat accumulated in the body. Lemon also triggers the liver to release toxins that clear the intestines.

How to take:  Have warm lemon water on an empty stomach 3 to 4 glasses a week.

Blood purification is crucial for healthy living. Know more about this subject from our expert panel of doctors.

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