Are you eating right ? Ayurvedic Eating habits

Author: Sandhya Manikandan

Eating habits

In the modern age, we are always on the run and eat what suits our time constraints, not our body. We suffer from recurring ailments of the stomach due to the wrong combinations of food.

Ayurveda, the age-old wisdom and holistic method of living details the correct combination of food to be ingested. Ayurveda essentially groups every food to have its own:

  1. Rasa (Taste)
  2. Viraya (Cooling or Heating effect)
  3. Vipaka( Effects of Post-digestion)

Ayurveda advocates a simple coupling of our daily food items to achieve the state of strong digestion and a healthy body. The most common wrong combinations of food are the:

  1. Eating fruits after a meal

This is a standard practice in our daily routine where we invariably end up consuming a fruits after a heavy meal. Having fruits along with food can reduce the digestive fire to result in indigestion. It may result in the formation of ‘Ama’ or toxins.

  1. Milk with other foods

Milk is a complex food by itself and requires a different protocol for digestion as its digestive process take place in Duodenum(First Part of Small Intestine). When combined with other foods the milk becomes stagnant in the stomach and hinders the digestive process. It is also advised the one should not ingest milk if they are in the medication of Holy basil(Tulasi) tablets.

  1. Milk and Bananas

Milk and Bananas are heavy foods in their own right, and each requires a separate process for digestion. It is also known to produce a heaviness in the body and makes us lazy. So, if you are going for a banana smoothie make sure that only the smoothie is your meal not an accompaniment to the meal. The Banana smoothie, when taken with a pinch of nutmeg and cardamon, can stimulate digestion.

  1. Having a cold drink

Cold drinks hamper the digestive power known as Agni (Fire) and can cause many problems like bad digestion, allergies, and colds. Even taking a frozen yogurt or ice cream after a meal can cause these problems.

  1. Meat and carbohydrates

Meat and carbohydrates are not a good mix. When ingested together they nullify their respective digestive enzymes, and the meat protein will putrefy, and the carbohydrates ferment. This results in gas and stomach bloat.

  1. Eating curd in the night

Buttermilk is light on the stomach, but curd is on the heavy side. You can eat curd at lunch as the digestive juices are on the full force. The curd is acidic in nature so it tends to produce a lot of heat in the stomach, so people with weak constipation must avoid curd at night.

These are some of the common mistakes we make while eating food. Want to know more and bring about a change in your lifestyle, visit Liveright.

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