my father 78 year old is suffering from parkinson's disease. Its painful to watch him in pain. His walking and activities are becoming very slow. Pl suggest aurvedic treatment

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive degenerative disease characterized by Tremor, Stiffness, Slowness of movements and Unsteadiness. Low levels of Dopamine in the brain also create other symptoms like gait and speech disorders, difficulty in swallowing, sleep disturbances, depression, dementia etc. in the course of the disease. The symptoms vary from patient to patient and may appear slowly in no particular order.Ayurveda has a long history of managing diseases due to the imbalance of vata and kapha which can be correlated to Parkinson’s disease. Ayurvedic treatment focus on various aspects of the disease- improves the digestive function, reduce anxiety, confusion, relieve stress and promote sleep. Herbs like Mucuna pruriens is a rich source of natural dopamine that can c

Is it safe to chew cardomom or add it in beverages like tea during pregnancy or nursing ?

Cardamom is a common food ingredient that can be safely used by all in normal quantities. In pregnancy, the use of cardamom is found useful against nausea, loss of appetite and as a mouth freshener. It is not advised in medical quantities during pregnancy as it has blood thinning property. Daily usage of up to 1 gram is safe.It can be safely added to tea or other beverages.

What is the Difference Between Siddha and Ayurvedha?

Sidha medicine is essentially the medicine of Tamilnadu in India. All the original literature of Sidha medicine is in Tamil and has been written in verse by the eighteen sidhars. This system of medicine is practiced almost exclusively in Tamilnadu.The neighbouring South Indian state of Kerala is home to many famous Ayurvedic physicians and in a sense has preserved the rich traditions of Ayurveda for the future. The Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala and Arya Vaidya Pharmacy are two internationally reputed institutions of Ayurveda.While most of the herbs used are common to both systems, sometimes they are used for different illnesses. For eg. Hibiscus is an important medicine for heart ailments in Sidha while, to my knowledge, in Ayurveda it is mostly used for hair related problems.