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What are the reasons for youngsters becoming diabetic so early nowadays?

The choice of sedentary lifestyle coupled with the habits of

  • Asayasukham (sitting for a more extended period, sedentary)
  • Atinidra (prolonged sleep)
  • Divaswapna (day sleep)
  • Addiction or habitual like Madhyapana(alcohol), tobacco chewing, smoking may also adversely affect diabetic health by disturbing the Vyadhikshamatvam (immunity)

are some of the reasons as to why now diabetes has become a very prevalent lifestyle disorder.

How is Parkinson’s treated in Ayurveda?

An Ayurvedic condition called “Vepathu” is correlated to Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms that indicate Parkinson’s are:

  • Rigidity (Sthamba),
  • Resting tremors (Vepathu),
  • Bradykinesia,
  • Absence of arm swing while walking,
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With more than a decade of experience in herbal research, New Drug development, herbal product standardization and is a proud holder of few patents.Dr.Subashri specializes in treating lifestyle diseases and mental illness.
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Indian science of life, Ayurveda describes our body made of Soul and five fundamental elements that constitute the universe – Air, Space, Fire, Water and Earth.
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An eminent doctor who treats and educates autism borne kids with medicines including Siddha, Ayurveda and Yoga. Director of ``Swabhimaan-Holistic Solution for Autism`` - an organisation which caters to health and educational needs of the children with Autism.
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Being in the army has always given me a sense of resilience that was a support for my civil life. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, I was diagnosed with a condition called the Slip disc, a bulge in the L4, L5 section of the lower spinal area. I took on a free consultation with LiveRight doctors who advised me to make certain lifestyle changes along with their prescribed medicines. After six months of treatment, I am now standing upright and my pain is now almost non-existent. Thanks to LiveRight

I encountered a life-changing experience by consulting the doctors at the LiveRight platform for my knee pain. They patiently listened to all my queries and doubts and were very thorough in their approach. Their medication and guided lifestyle changes have given me a complete transformation. Today, it is safe to say that I am living right, free of pain. Thanks to LiveRight.

My mother was suffering from severe pain for the past one and half years. A simple action of getting up from the chair leads to an intense pain that lasts for our hours. Even after consulting numerous doctors and various treatments, the pain persisted. I came to know about LiveRight platform accidentally when I was looking for an alternative method of treatment. The doctors patiently listened to my mother’s complaints and took a detailed history. They prescribed EasArth along with certain lifestyle changes. Today, my mother is able to get up and sit down without pain being an obstacle. Thanks to LiveRight.

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